Christine and Claire. Part One

Dear Mrs. McCluskey, I recently visited your shop with my daughter to have her eyes tested, and to subsequently select some glasses for her. I feel compelled to write to your about the young lady, Claire, who served us. I had no issue with Claire’s attitude or behaviour; she was friendly, helpful and polite. This … Continue reading Christine and Claire. Part One

Christine and Claire. Part Three

Claire was still pondering the implications of Sheila’s supposedly reassuring speech, and wondering if she really was ready to commit fully to being the smart and conservative young lady that everyone seemed to want her to be. Everyone except, perhaps, her boyfriend, who almost certainly wasn’t expecting his girlfriend to turn up for their next … Continue reading Christine and Claire. Part Three

Christine and Jonathan

This is the newest 'Christine' story, previously publised at http://www.hairstorynetwork.com/stories/christine-and-jonathan/   Christine looked herself up and down in the full-length mirror, and wondered when she was going to get used to this. Every time she thought that she had got used to looking prim and proper, she would suddenly be confronted with something that would … Continue reading Christine and Jonathan

Christine’s Interview. Part Three

The door banged open, and Christine came to again with a start. The last remaining interviewee was ushered in, straightening her hair as she went, and casting another nervous glance at Christine's neat and tidy curls. The door closed behind her, leaving Christine once again alone with her thoughts. The journey had been uneventful enough, … Continue reading Christine’s Interview. Part Three